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Jul 25

Features | GRAMMY in the Schools

Jun 23

The Grammy Foundation -

Amazing organization…My son will be attending this camp and will have a chance of a lifetime…Check out our interview and their site. You won’t be disappointed!

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Jun 02

National macaroon day

Apr 13


Mar 25

The Alicia Project: Alicia Kozakiewicz -


I know this is a busy time of year but Alicia Kozakiewicz and her mother, Mary speak of this horrific ordeal. 

On New Years Day 10 years ago, she was getting ready to eat with her family. She ran out side to meet a {friend} she met online. Before she had a chance to turn and run back in this 38 year old MONSTER grabbed her. For the next 4 days she was tortured, raped and suffered unspeakable tragedy. She was luckily saved by the FBI. Please listen to her story of caution and hope. You can also follow her ALICIA PROJECT

This young lady is amazing and I promise you her story might just save your life.

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Mar 02

Walking after Midnight, The Katy Hutchinson Story -

A story of courage, compassion and forgiveness!

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Feb 18

At the Ballet by ~jabjones

At the Ballet by ~jabjones

Jan 30

Planning Your Destination Wedding -

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